Rocket City Brand unveils second wave of iconic designs

Rocket City Brand, a vintage style graphic t-shirt venture with designs inspired by timeless landmarks in the history of Huntsville, Alabama, will be unveiling its second line of products on April 20, 2015.

The new t-shirts will continue to feature graphics inspired by iconic landmarks that have worked to define generations of Huntsville history. 

T-shirts that will be available with the brand's second series will include:


“Church’s Tip Top Cafe.”  Tip Top Cafe was one of Huntsville's most beloved destinations for live music in the 80's and early 90's. Famous acts like the Goo Goo Dolls and Bo Diddley have rocked the stage at the Tip Top, and it has left a lasting impression on Huntsville's ever-growing music scene.

"Rocket City USA (2015).”  This retro-inspired design is modeled after the sign that greeted thousands of residents and visitors alike to the town that would send America to the Moon.  The Rocket City USA design will be updated annually by Rocket City Brand.

“Space City USA.”  Space City USA was a theme park planned for Huntsville in 1959. While the project was ultimately abandoned, the charm and nostalgia of the proposed park still carries on, as Huntsville remains the epicenter of space research and technology to this day.

“Britling's Family Buffet.”  Britling's Family Buffet in the old Heart of Huntsville Mall was widely known across the Rocket City for its deep fried goodness and friendly service.  Britling's first Huntsville manager, a young man in his early 20s named Tommy Battle, would go on to become Huntsville's 67th mayor in 2008.  How's that for home-cookin'?

“Rebels & Proud.”  S.R. Butler High School has been an institution of education for West Huntsville since the 1950's. The school holds many achievements and records in athletics and sports, including the most basketball championship titles in Huntsville's history.


The t-shirts are not only inspired by Huntsville history, but they are locally designed and produced in the Rocket City. Green Pea Press, a printmaking studio located inside Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment, serves as the shirts' printers.

Green Pea Press is also now the exclusive retail partner of Rocket City Brand.  The remaining quantities of the original Rocket City Brand are available exclusively at Green Pea Press in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

Visit online or Green Pea Press in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment to purchase a piece of Huntsville history for yourself.


Founded in 2014, Rocket City Brand turns back the clock with designs inspired by iconic landmarks from Huntsville, Alabama’s history.  Rocket City Brand’s high quality clothing helps you relive the memories of some of our area’s most iconic landmarks.  

All Rocket City Brand tees are printed and sold locally in Rocket City USA by Green Pea Press at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

While the inspirations are timeless, all Rocket City Brand designs are available for a limited time only.  Future designs will include more iconic designs from Huntsville and across North Alabama.